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The .22 Micro-Magnum
Gunmaker Fred Craig is back with his all-new 22 Micro-Mag cartridge, and his red-hot 1911 Pistol! Spawned from a desire to create the next evolution in defensive-pistol performance, Craig's new Micro-Mag delivers 20 rounds of Blistering Magnum Horsepower with ultra light recoil, and an introductory starting price of only $979 !
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The 22 Micro-Mag
I'm sure you are wondering…what is this Micro-Mag all about? Well it's simple really….I had two goals in mind; First, I wanted to design an American cartridge that could offer excellent muzzle energy and light recoil, and combine it with the one true American pistol platform….then ultimately end up with a very unique and modern high capacity combat pistol.

Second, I had economics in mind because in my opinion the firearm industry is heading quickly toward less industrial metal use. One day the idea of shooting a .45 acp will seem a bit ridiculous… when it costs lets say $1 or more per shot. Those days are quickly approaching and I decided why not get out there with a new cartridge that will offer the market an answer to that dilemma.

For the past several years I have been working as a design consultant…developing new firearms for S&W and for a company called Armscor of the Philippines. My relationship with Armscor led me to design several new products for them, and to spend the majority of the past few years in the Philippines getting them into production. (Check out the website to see some of these cool new guns)

Since Armscor is also a large manufacturer of ammunition, (most people don't realize that) I had a huge amount of resources at hand. I originally started out smaller with a .30 Carbine case and a 9mm-platform pistol. This netted the performance similar to a 5.7x28, which a lot of you are familiar with. Although this was good, I wanted more out of the cartridge so I ended up working with a .223 Rem case. The key to the cartridge is our proprietary bullet design. This short truncated head allows for maximum case length, thus more powder and a bigger BANG! So, the cartridge case in all practical sense is a short .223 Rem. The magic comes with the bullet head design, and finally with the development of a recoil system that can handle the cartridge properly.

After six months of development, I perfected what I now refer to as the Micro-Mag pistol. The frame is basically a high capacity para-ordnance style lower with some weight taken out of it. But the upper end is allll Micro-Mag! I have these proprietary slides made for me using a 4140 forging and heat-treated to over 40 RC. They are then CNC machined at our factory in the Philippines to my strict specifications. I personally designed (hands on) the processes with which all the Micro-Mag parts are made…and I continue to help supervise the plant in the making of these parts. The barrel also comes from a forging, and is sent to the US in an oversized condition. From there I hand fit and chamber each and every Micro-Mag barrel to insure accuracy and durability. Additionally, there are some expensive processes on the Micro-Mag slide. I designed an external extractor for the new cartridge and a precision EDM breach face to add a tighter tolerance to the barrel lock works. In the end this all adds up to very precise and durable pistol that will far outlast those other guys Tupperware units.

The Micro-Mag ammunition is a wildcat style round. We supply the ammo for every customer at this point. In the future there will be a factory round available through Armscor (it is in the works now) and also a production version of the Micro-Mag pistol coming out sometime next year. All Micro-Mag pistols are rough assembled in the Philippines by machinists I personally hired and trained. Once they arrive here I fit the 22 Micro-Mag barrel and do all the finishing aspects of the gun.

Each pistol is grafted to the individual customers specs. This is not a production gun at all. Every pistol has a hand selected matching slide and frame assembly which insures a nice slide to frame fit, and more importantly avoids tolerance stacking in the locking lug area which is common with production parts. This gives us the right amount of barrel lockup which is critical for a high pressure cartridge. Rest assured that skill and pride will be put into your personalized Micro-mag pistol.

Take a look around my site, and if you have any questions about the Micro-mag pistol or any of my other products, or would like to place an order please give me a call (775-513-3962) I would be happy to speak with you!

Mig 22 Rifle
This is one of my favorite designs. This is a rifle I designed for Armscor and one that is now available by special order. If you notice on my flash gallery there are two versions of the rifle. We offer the standard rifle (shown in Blue) and the target model (shown in all black).

The Mig Rifle is a very unique .22 caliber long gun. It features a one piece billet machined aircraft aluminum receiver, all machined tool steel internals, and a free floated match grade barrel! There are no cheap processed parts in this gun what so ever, unlike just about every other rifle you can think of on the market. The Mig rifle is built to last several lifetimes….and to perform like a match grade rifle right out of the box. There is no need to send it off to have it customized since this is a custom gun right out of the box. The Mig can shoot .500" groups at 50yrds…..and comes with an ultra smooth 2lb. trigger.

So if you are looking for a unique rifle built with the utmost quality in mind at a great price, then the Mig 22 is the rifle for you. Please call me if you are interested in getting one of these custom rifles.

XT-22lr Pistol
The XT-22 Pistol represents what I feel to be the best combat 1911 .22 pistol available today. Unlike most .22 1911 conversions, this pistol is built as a complete gun. I designed it to be simply the toughest longest lasting .22 1911 you can buy. It is the only .22 1911 with a forged 4140 steel slide…..and the only .22 1911 with a one piece 4140 chrome moly barrel. All other conversions pale in comparison with their aluminum slides and two piece welded barrels. And the XT-22 is the ideal for target shooters or plinkers that want excellent accuracy…..since it's open slide design allows for mounting of our target rib ( Models available with full length Aluminum scope mount rib). I will be offering custom versions of this awesome pistol through my website, so pls inquire about how to get one!

45 Super Duty
Built to be the badass of all .45's……the Super Duty is one serious combat handgun. Imagine near 44 magnum power out of a 5" duty size Hi-capacity handgun…..then you can begin to understand. Imagine having a revolutionary porting system that tames the recoil down to +P .45 specs. That is what the 45 Super Duty is allllll about. If you would like to know more about this badboy 45, then check out the article section link on the 45 Super Duty.

This is also a project I have plans to revive soon, so please let me know if you are interested in getting one….and want to be on the short list.

It's hard to find the right words to describe such an awesome firearm as the M11 Merc. It is truly the Lamborghini of combat handguns…..but of course I am a bit bias. Please check out the M11 Merc Article link for a full Un-biased review of this great pistol.

If you interested in having one of these beautiful creations I do plan on taking orders for them in the relative near future……so pls let me know if you are interested….and would like to get on the short list for one.

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